Wine-Lover’s Holidays in Port Macquarie – Where to Stay, Wineries to See

Wine-Lover’s Holidays in Port Macquarie – Where to Stay, Wineries to See

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Port – Macquarie is fast becoming known as a premier Australian wine region, alongside the Barossa, Hunter and Yarra Valleys, the Margaret River and the Limestone Coast. The mild climate with beautiful constant temperatures and many sunny days make visiting the wineries a joy… as well as helping the grapes grow! Today we are looking at wine-lover’s vacations in Port – Macquarie – the best Port – Macquarie hotels to enjoy a drop of red or white, and the top wineries in the area.

Cassegrain Wines is the region’s best known vineyard, and their vintages are often the best movers on the wine lists of Port Macquarie hotels. They say that their winemaking heritage began in France in 1643… while there isn’t necessarily a direct genetic link, you can definitely taste the skill in their Semillon, Shiraz and Merlot Cabernet!

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At Bago Vineyards, it is about the entertainment experience as much as it is the wine. They host concerts regularly, and are currently in the process of growing a hedge maze which will make the vineyard a wonderful family-friendly outing. The second Sunday of every month is currently the jazz day.

Innes Lake Vineyards are for the true wine-lovers of the country… those who would have wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day if they could! In a way, you can with Innes Lake’s products – they offer marmalade, tapenade and grape jam made from the Pinot Noir grapes that they grow.

Cassegrain might be the best-known vineyard in Port Macquarie, but Douglas Vale Historic vineyard is the oldest. With the original owners long gone, it is now run by volunteers, much like Olivewood Estate in the Riverland of South Australia. Port Macquarie hotels often stock Douglas Vale wines as an homage to the origins of the region.

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There is also a local multi-award winning brewery in Port Macquarie, for when you feel you can’t possibly take any more pinot noir! The Little Brewing Company’s Wicked Elf brand is stocked in the restaurants of the top Port Macquarie hotels – the brewery uses a pasteurisation-free technique, and brews without preservatives and additives using top notch ingredients. The natural processes help you ‘enjoy’ more without worrying as much about the morning after!


Wine-related events in the region

* Check out ‘Slurp’ night, an evening event every second Wednesday hosted by Renee Baird, a protégé of Brian McGuigan.

* Gondwana Tours provides tours for up to 10 people around the region – wine tasting is a highlight, but you’ll also get to check out Ellenborough Falls, do some local fishing and stroll around the Port’s best beaches

* Let Go Travel hosts tour packages that include Cassegrain Winery and Innes Lake Vineyard, as well as climbing North Brother Mountain and exploring Lake Cathie and the Camden Haven River

Hotels for connoisseurs

With so many great vineyards in the region, look for a Port Macquarie hotel that has a varied selection of house wines – you’ll be able to try out the local vintages in a different context and truly appreciate their complexity.

Apart from this, look for Port Macquarie accommodation that is quiet and well-soundproofed, so you can nurse your head as necessary!

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